Old Hatch Estates Price List
                                         Bag          Box
Fudge                      £2.95       £5.00
Tablet                      £2.95       £5.00
Truffles (box of 12)      £4.00
Truffles (bag of 8)       £3.00
Coconut Ice             £1.50       £2.50
Turkish Delight       £1.50       £2.50
Coffee                      £3.50
Honeycomb              £1.50       N/A

Fudge Flavours:  butter tablet, double chocolate, coffee, cherry bakewell, mint chocolate, chocolate orange, vanilla

Coffee flavours:  Christmas spice, cinnamon, mint chocolate, vanilla chocolate

Truffle flavours: ginger, peppermint, orange, vanilla, Baileys, Rum, white chocolate and lemon

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Gift baskets available upon request